Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Prayer

New Years Prayer:
Lord, as this New Year opens before us: Teach us how to love more fully. May our hearts walk more humbly, may our lives be yours more completely, may our passion for You be ignited more strongly, may our hope be more placed in You, may our fears be less strong, may we cease to believe lies, may we put others before ourselves, may we follow you no matter the course, may we find o...ur joy in You, may we be less selfish, may we worship more freely, may we serve more willingly, may we share more easily, may we study more thoroughly, may we pray more without ceasing, may we forsake the worlds offers, and may we become more holy, and become more filled more with Your Holy Spirit. This year Lord, May we become more yours, and less full of of pride…Lord, this year may we become more like You.
For over every selfcentered resolution we may have, and over every hope for the accomplishments ahead, may we instead desire most deeply to be more like You.

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