Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Courage to Change: Believing

You can tell someone over and over about how they should find their purpose in living  for Christ, but just you telling them that, won't make them "change".
You can tell a person that her guy friend is only bringing her down in life, but it doesn't mean she will do anything about it. You can have all the facts, fruit, and proof in the world to preach with, but that doesn't mean those you share it with will change or "act" on it.

 Because you can (and should) plant the seed, but it's their choice whether or not to let it take root in their life. You may find it insane, because after all, if you told someone their "house was burning down", you'd expect them to want to "put out the fire". Or maybe you are someone who imagines everyone wants to live "Their Utmost for 'His' Highest". But that is not so. You can tell your closest friend about how you have been inspired to sell everything you own and give it to the poor, to follow Christ.... if they don't think you are stupid, they might even agree with what you are doing, but inside many think "That's their life, I'm Scott free...I don't have to sacrifice at all, not in any way."

It's the same when you tell someone about their need for the Savior. Without blinking they may listen to you, but it doesn't mean they will start a relationship with Him tomorrow.
When you say to someone "God is Your Friend", or "God is your Lover", or "God is your King", or "God is your Father", it won't change the way the hearer comes to God and lives their lives, 'unless' they 'believe' it.

You can be told multiple times that God is Your Best Friend, but unless you discover it for yourself, or desire it for yourself you won't experience that 'friendship'.
A lot of people are 'told' in Church that they must do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that, but unless it's discovered, realized, or believed in the heart of the person, it's not going to make a difference.

God would rather we did everything out of trust in Him and His will than have to be told everything to do. I've heard it many times, over and over "come into God's presence", "God wants a closer relationship with you", "draw nearer to God", but that could not help me much. I wanted to give all of me, and I wanted to experience God more, but the fact is just saying "You must come into God's presence" wasn't the answer for me. In order to do that I needed to first, believe I could go deeper, second, "know"/discover what God's presence 'was', to begin with!

 I want to say...It's important for you to know that, every person does not, and should not, have to have the same 'relationship' with God. Other than the fact that they see Him as a All Powerful God, and Savior or their Soul...Because everyone has a different piece of God to see and share. For example; the difference in the Gospel Writers prospectives of Christ. It's said from reading the gosepls, that Mark seen Him more in the light of "Servant" God, Matthew in the light of Him being "King", Luke's vantage on Christ as our " Good Shepherd and Savior", and John's prospective of Christ as "Friend" and "One with the Father".

 It's important to note that all these vantage points on Christ though, were not only their 'own'. God has proven, expressed himself, and even described himself as each of these things throughout the entire bible. My point is that not every person has the exact same relationship or need for Christ to fill in order to reach them and grow in a deeper relationship with Him. So how do you see God? Is He your "Best Friend"? Your faithful "Lover"? Your Compassionate "Father"? Your "Mighty King"? Your "Judge"? Or do you see Him on the other side of Salvation? As your "Condemner", Your "Slave Master"? Is He even real to you at all?

To you, is He just a fragment of others imaginations? Is He just the words that your Preacher ? or who Your Parents say that He is? Maybe He is impersonal to You, perhaps He's just "out there" somewhere...

Everyone has a place where only God can go. No man or woman can go there. No one can say they have 'your' relationship with God. It's not so. And it won't matter what people tell you, or they say you should or shouldn't do, if it doesn't touch you enough to be "open" to change, or encourage you to go before "God" and work at it with Him, then it's not bloomed...This doesn't mean it happens right away, most times in people's lives it doesn't...because not everyone is willing to change...they are not ready to "move forward" or "let go" of what they are holding to. So it blooms later on, sometimes the seeds add up, sometimes it takes something more drastic in their lives...They make a big mistake...and need God to come or else they are done for.

Don't wait until it's a drastic decision between "God" or committing Harry Carry. Find Him while you are skipping through the posies. Find him before the dark falls, and the curtains pin you to the floor. How? I encourage you to take a moment and think about how you view God...Then, consider what you are ready and willing to give. Thridly, ask God to expose the doubts you have entertained. Be willing to let the truth break the lies.

It's up to You and God. That's where change takes place. God uses others, he can use their words and actions to make you consider, to make you think, to prove to You that He is Sovreign, Alive, and Working. But it is ultimately between you and God. Doing things, going through the motions of change, just because you "know" you "should" be...does not make you different inside. You will just go back to the same old, same old. And God doesn't want tokin prayers, or just compromise. He wants "You". Because He made You, and You are to be a part of Him; to share His Kingdom, to share His love, to see his Glory, to feel His grace, to embrace His love. Only by believing in Who God is, can You worship Him back. Otherwise you will not feel the need, or the desire.

1. Take a moment and think about how you view God
2. Consider what you are ready and willing to "give"                
3. Ask God to expose the lies you have entertained.
4. Be willing to let the truth your discover, break hold of doubts

Your view on God determines how you reacte to His hand in Your life. It determines how open you
are you are to Him. What you're willing to give, and what you aren't willing to let
go of, determines how much you will venture on Christ, and how much you will live for 'Him'
and embrace His will for Your life. Discovering the lies you've entertained can change your
perspective on a habit of actions you may have, and being willing to let the truth in Christ
break those lies can change you greatly.

Are you willing to change? Do you "believe" you should? Are you just going on the words of others;
that say "You need to stop", or "You need to change"? Unless you really believe it, examine yourself, and realize what kind of relationship you have with God, and want with God...just going through the motions isn't much of a help. It's not change.

Change is an inward thing. Being willing to change means, believing...that you are not where you should be, and you want to be somewhere else.
And then it means, being willing to let go of the sin or what is bad for you, and letting the truth of God, and the perfect will, love, peace, fulfillment of God takes the past's place. It means first realizing your mess, wanting better, giving up the bad, and filling it's place.

God wants "good" for You. He wants you to eat the meat off of His table, and not the food in the doggie bowl. He misses you at His table, He'd like to see your smiling face. He'd like to see you nurished, and fit for what he'd like to give you. Come all you who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for you will be filled! Knock and it will be opened unto you, seek and you will find...if you seek with all your heart ;)

You must believe He is worth it. Discover the God that you have always needed, and has always known you, just for who you are. He does not expect you to be someone else before Him, he wants "You". Which means buddy time, which means you and Him, which means the road to more, which means not only the road to change, but the road to eternity.

Be willing to let God  fill the spot of the Lover who isn't Faithful, because God is Faithful. And if you trust God, He will give you the desires of You heart...If they are good for you, and lead you uphill.
God wants you to know love, peace, hope etc...Stop looking for it in other places, and believe He knows everything. You can tell someone over and over, that there is more of God. You will never know unless you seek Him with all your heart. Change is (=) turning, forsaking the past...and moving ahead into something new, something worth changing for. Is God worth changing for? Is true love worth sacrificing for? What do you believe?
It all hangs on that.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Courage to Change: Repentance

The remorse sets in for what you've done. It hits you like a wave. You didn't have to let it happen, more accurately, you didn't have to engage it it. Sin. The word that haunts you after you've taken it's hand, the word that defines your worst deeds and actions. If only you could be rid of it completely. If only you could forget about it.

Sin. The thing that has hurt those around you, the very thing you've been hurt by yourself, it's something you've let take a hold in your life. Now the curtain is falling, the dark curtain of sorrow and pity. You take it for what it is, and cry at the consequences you've brought upon yourself. The pain is too much, it's too much to bare. All you wanted was to be was liked, all you wanted was to fit in, all you wanted was to be free, all you wanted was to dull the emotions of yesterday.  The consequence is unbearable, certainly God could remove the suffering, that is, if He was still there with you, maybe He'd gone out with those you'd let down.

You didn't deserve this, did you?  You "will" be better, you shall you shall. You will move on and take the new chance ahead. You stand from your puddle of tears. God has given you a second chance, you know He has. You wipe the tear stains from your eyes, put on a song of change and pump your fist in the air. "I am Innocent, I am blameless".

Next month, there you are again. Sin. That ugly, ugly, thing, has captured your heart again. Push repeat, push replay, it plays the same, again and again.

Have you ever repented for your sins? I mean "truly" repented. No just feeling sorry about your mistakes, and than pushing them under the covers under the label of "another chance".
When you make a mistake, when you sin, how do you feel about it? Do you feel defeated? Do you feel remorseful? Do you feel terrible? What to you,is the worst thing about sinning? Is it the way it hurts
other people? The way it makes you feel? What it does to you? The consequence?

A lot of people, especially those who seem to be stuck in continually sinning, or sinning in one
particular area over and over again, feel either one of two things. Either they live in remorse after
every sin, and drown in the consequence. Or they become numb towards their sin, and give up trying or wanting to become different. After all change is "too" hard, for someone to do alone...
Which is what a lot of people try to do, they think they can just sin, and claim they're going to be
different and go at it again.

Do you know though that neither of these ways are the road to change? It is not enough for you to feel remorse over what you've done wrong. Because you can Not want to sin any more because of what it does to yourself and others, and you can mourn over what you've been through and the pain you've experienced because of your sin, but you will not change inwardly.

You will continue to make the same mistakes. Because if you do not see what Christ has done for you on the cross, if you do not see the sacrifice that has been made for you. If you do not see "what" sin is in a nutshell, then you will not be changed. A lot of people, Pity, Pity, Pity over their constant sin, and in doing so "push God" out of the picture. Repentance isn't "just" feeling sad over what you have done, because anyone who has had to face the consequence of his mistakes has felt "sorry" about their choices. Yet, you must feel sorry over your sin, but not just because it is like a ball that you throw that hits you back in the head, nor a Frisbee that comes back around to hit home, but because it hurts the one who made You. Sin, not only is bad for your health, and those around you, but hurts God. Matter of fact, it hurt God "soo much"...

Christ was blameless, but yet He died for us sinners. That through belief and repentance we may all receive forgiveness and new life. Stop rejecting Christ, by weeping over your sins, and then not coming to repentance. Repent from your sins.

Unless you realize that your sins hurt and disobey a perfect God, you will not stop the constant sinning. You must realize that if Christ hadn't died in your stead, you would be eternally guilty of all
of your sins. You would be punished for every sin not only be consequence but by punishment by death. God is all holy. He will not tolerate sin, that is not covered by the blood of Christ through Repentance. Without Christ you would be guilty, guilty, guilty.

Have you ever watched the movie or read the book "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe"? In the film adaption a young boy named Edmund, has betrayed His siblings for selfish reasons, (sin), and in doing so has become property of the 'White Witch', because anyone who sins belongs to her, and must die, be sacrificed on a stone table. Because only the shedding of blood can end the guilt of sin, someone must die for the sin committed. Aslan, the Lion King of this story is a representation of God. He sets the boy free, and dies in his place, fulfilling the law of the land that one must die for his sin. But because He is blameless, He breaks the curse and the stone table cracks in two. Aslan resurrects and saves the day.

Aslan is a Christ figure. This is what Christ did for us. He let us go free, and died in our place. He is the only truly blameless being, because He is the Son of God. God made mankind, mankind rebelled against him in the garden, bringing the pain and consequences of their disobedience along with them. And than God, out of His love, died for Mankind.

We are all guilty of sin. We have all done things that are sins. Lies, cheated, lusted, etc...We all must be covered by the blood of Christ. We all must repent in order to be Saved.
What is true repentance though? It is believing in what Jesus did for You. That He rose from the grave, to prove your sin can be forgiven you, and that death cannot contain the Son of God. The cross is the symbol of the guilt of sin, the empty tomb of the new life in Christ!
True repentance is followed by a turning from the sin of the past, true repentance is surrendering ones sinful desires. True repentance is life change.

Fall on your knees. Ask God to forgive you of your sins. Surrender your sinful desires to Him. If you do not, you will not change, you will continue sinning, and continue hurting God, and others. God is the one you do most wrong to when you sin, God is the one who made you, and hurts when you hurt, hurts when you don't listen to Him, when you disregard Him, when you hurt His other creations, when you try to disprove him by living like he doesn't exist or reward those who trust Him.
Jesus died to give you a new life in Him. Believe in what He has done for you on the cross. I don't mean just to "accept" it, I mean really, really, "Believe" it. You see, unless you realize that  Believe that He died because of sin, and that He rose from the dead to save you from it.

Truly repent of your sin. Sorrow over how you've hurt God. And ask not only forgive Him to forgive you for your rebellion, but to forgive you for harming His creation, harming yourself, and ask Him to change your desires to give Him glory. Ask for a new heart, a new mind, the making of a new man. Become a new Creation in Christ Jesus. You cannot, and will not become a new creation if you are not truly repentant, because being truly repentant means you are "sorry for your "sin"...not just sorry for the consequence. Let your heart be softened to true repentance, and a desire for holiness.

If you are not willing to give up the sin, you are not willing to change. Just wanting to change for "yourself", and the way others view you, is not good enough, because it is still selfish. Selfishness is the root of sin.
Selfishness is the cause of the Devil's fall, Selfishness will not change you. Morning over you sins, because it hurts "you" is not the way of change, morning because it hurts God, because sin is truly "sinful" is different. I pray you will be given a new view on your sin, that you will see it for what it is, and see what Christ has done for you as it really is. May you truly repent; and in result be Changed.

Aslan and Edmund

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Courage to Change: offense and courage

Your legs are unsteady, your heart in bruised, the fear inside wells up and leads you to dread. All that has happened around you, the loved ones that walked out the door, the friendships that are no more...It's just too much...Where will you fall? and what will break your fall? Pain, hurt, can lead us to sin.
Offenses can lead us to doubt, or lose our courage in who we are in Christ. Do not let hurt or uncertainty weaken the fact that in Christ we are more than conquerors! Christ is waiting outside your door, arms wide to hold you in your time of need. He says  "Do not fear, for I am with You, do not be dismayed for I am your God". In this life, we face constant change and disappointment.

 I've always believed that "it is my choice how I am affected by what goes on around me". I've always thought, that the true sting of the offense, had to do with whether or not I believed it, dwelt on it, or surrendered it to Christ. We are affected by much around us, other people, circumstances, etc etc etc...But, think back for a moment about the time when you were yelled at, and the words were thrown into your face, and pierced at your very core of faith, what did you do afterward? Did you dwell on those words, did you inwardly believe them? even for a moment? Did you quickly surrender those things spoken against you or your faith to God, and His world?

Most likely, if you were seriously affected by what was spoken, it is because you it settle within you, or you didn't quickly combat it with the truth. It's like being wounded in battle, and not putting something on your wound, or quickly getting your wound sown together; instead it's like letting that wound stay open, and when you do the air getting to it, and the bugs getting to it, and germs etc...and it just gets worse! That's how offenses are. But offenses don't only come in the form of words, they come in the form of actions, as well.

A lot of teens are destroyed by offense. It is the reason for most their confusion, doubt, apathy, addictions, and weaknesses. Parents walking out on their families, friends putting them down at school, break ups with the opposite sex, it all jabs at their hearts, and without God, and without belief in the truth they only grow worse.

Let truth invade the lies that you have built upon, the lies that say your "aren't worth it", that is  why your parents aren't there for you, or "you won't succeed" and shouldn't try at anything, or "you will never love again", because your heart has been crushed. You will never grow into who you were meant to be in life, and along the journey - if you are living whether consciously or not, on the lies of the past. If you do not believe you are loved, or you are weakened by the offenses of others, whether in words or deeds, you will not only not be able to live in Joy (which is power), but you will live in weakness as well. You will be more prone to falling into sin...because any lie, or untruth result not only in breaking down emotions, but breaking down the spiritual courage inside to do what you know is right.

 I've seen this happen in many young folks lives, and only recently has it become curious to me. A young man is angry at his Father who has let Him down, and suddenly their standards begin to slide. A young girl is heartbroken because her lover has dumped her, and suddenly she begins to fall down in a dark hole...It is "offenses", "hurts", "let downs", and lead a lot of people to become the Gothic, the bum, the suicidal fellow, the girl that cuts herself. It is usually hurt, anger, because of an offense - that brings them there. Interesting isn't it, that offense can actually become the root of sin? A young boy can be treated wrong, and in result grow up to "harm" others.

Also, it's important to note, that not always is this conscious, most good people that were done wrong, they hurt others in result, not on purpose, but because hurt unattended, because offense unattended, or rebuked can destroy you. You might be one of those people who think "I'm not willing to give up the hurt, I have right to feel hurt, or angry, about what has happened" but be ye careful, and be ye wise, it is better to be free from hurt than it is to let offense fester. God says it is alright to be angry, but not to hold onto that anger. God says to think on these things: "Whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is pure, whatever is praiseworthy, if there is anything of such worth, think on these things!"

God also says to have Joy no matter what the situation is. If you are being persecuted  for righteousness sake, if you were walked out on, if you were cursed, if you be in Christ, consider it jewels on your crown. Christ was persecuted, Christ was not only scorned, whipped, and spit upon, but He was deserted by His own friends! But what did He do? He did not revile them, He did not let offense make Him bitter or disobedient to God. Instead, upon the very cross where he died, he said "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!" And so must we be, when we are done wrong to, we must forgive, and not let anything steal our power, our Joy is our power, and our peace is our power, if we let Satan have his way, and steal our Joy and peace in Christ we are not only doing ourselves an injustice, but the people around us, and disappointing Christ.

 Be courageous. And if you realize that within yourself, you have held to offenses, let them go, and do not let satan have a hold on your life. If you do not let the Truth set you free, you cannot live a Victorious life. If you are not willing to let go of the hurt, the pain, the anger, (even if it is real, or rightfully yours) - than you will never experience the liberty you have in Christ Jesus. You must be willing to let go of the pain, and forget the offenses of yesterday. You must be willing to pray "Father, forgive he or she, or them...for they know not what they did/do". And pray for those who have offended or hurt you, that they will also become willing to let go of whatever offenses they hold inside, so that they will not continue to harm others around them.

The most dark and sinful people can be made out of the smallest dissapointment, because they let a lie live inside them and in doing so, accepted even more lies, therefore the built their lives upon them. I encourage those who are realizing that they have been letting hurts rule their lives, and hearts, so much that they have lowered their standards, and have looked to belong in all the wrong places, I enourage you who are such to take the step neccessary to change.

Be willing to embrace Liberty, and let Truth fill you. You will live a life to the fullest then. Do not let anything weaken you to fall into that dark hole in the ground. Give Jesus the wheel, and when you well that offenses, or hurts, whether from loss or fear are weakening you to less than you should or can be, surrender them to Christ, let them go. Know that He gives good to all that love Him, and that He has the earth in His hands, he will not leave you or forsake You. "His" love never faulters, and His yoke is easy, and His burden is Light...He says "Come to me, all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest". "Forgive", and embrace my "Love".

He gives power to those who have been hurt, or worn down, He gives strength to the weak, even youth will faint, and young men become exhausted, but those who wait upon the Lord, those who Trust in Him, those who come to Him, He will renew their strength, and they will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint. God give you the Courage to Overcome, and the Courage to Change. Taste and See that "The Lord" is good, he will not let you go, or leave you alone, "His" love endures forever, In His presence is the fullness of Joy.

Man may fail you, but cling to hope, God is lasting in His love and purpose for You.
Do not let satan have his way, you do not have to be weak, you "can" be strong in Jesus!
Say to yourself "I "am" strong in Christ! Thank God, You have fought the battle for my soul,
you have paid the price on Calvery"! I am free by believing in your Truth! The truth that I am loved
and a Victor by the blood of Christ!

Keep your eyes on what Christ has done for you, the lovely, and the good, do not let evil or depressing, doubt or hurt take your eyes off of the truth. God has already supplied a way out from sin, by forgiveness and love. He loved and forgave you, and He wants you to forgive and to love too. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might to say "no" to the power of offense, and yes to liberty in truth! You are loved, You are Free, You are His. Be uplifted, God is on your side.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Needing You

This may not be a very significant blog post...but then again who knows!
I just want to write, and put something out there to the world, so here goes.
Every think yourself into a stupper?
Every desire something, but aren't patient enough to actually study or
wait for it?

At this time in my life, I'm seriously in need of other people's interaction.
This has been going on for awhile.
It's a chore for me to read, study etc...and it seems the only thing my heart
has been really open to has been learning and growing by interaction with
other people.
I am the type of person that is inspired by other people in many ways...
Other than God Himself, People/Characters and their lives are what
inspire me to study, pray, sing, and proclaim the goodness of Christ.
This can be a good thing, but also I'm beginning to wonder if it is
actually all "right". I know that every personality, and temperment has
their own way they are inspired by God.
For me it seems, a lot of the time I am drawn to God, and the Knowledge
of God, by becoming a mediator in the lives of others. Or seeing someone
other than myself in need of God, and I recognize the need in them, and
it stirs me to want God, and want to share His love.

Yet, at this time I feel like I should not let this way of inspration, take
the place of a personal relationship stirred out of my own heart and
need of God. So I've taken a few steps. I've bought a book. For me,
this is big, because I don't like reading. The name of the book is
"Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. I'm hoping that within the pages I will
be stirred even more to know, and seek out my Creator.
I know, that in order to fall more in love with God, I must first realize more
considering who He is, and what He offers.

Will I be patient enough? Will I actually sit in a room, and my mind not
be taken away by other thoughts. Can sharing become an idol?
Maybe I've just become deprived of fellowship, and that is why whenever
even the slightest thought about God that is relevant to me, pops into my
head, all I can think of doing is "share it". So I stop studying, and race
to the computer or my phone.
God, I want You to be the most important thing to Me. It's hard to keep
things in proper focus.
I seem to have feed an attitude of lack of patience when it comes to learning
most times. I like the quick fixes, or person at the other end of the line.
God, sometimes because You are not physically here beside me, I think of
You like another thing to learn. Like studying a text book, filled with things
I may, or may not ever use or experience personaly in my life.
I don't want to feel the same way about You that I felt about learning other
things in my life. I want to love You, and I want to find You.

Monday, October 17, 2011

"Searching" for that Special Someone : Day 287 of Teen Devo

If you're still searching for that special someone,
be patient, be prudent, and be picky.
Look for someone whose values you respect, whose
behavior you approve of, and whose faith you admire.

Remember that appearances can be deceiving and tempting,
so watch your step. And when it comes to the important
task of building a lifetime relationship, pray about it!

If you happen to be one of those persons who have already
fallen madly in love, say a great big thanks to the
Matchmaker in heaven. But if you haven't yet found your love,
don't fret. Just keep trusting God, and keep yourself open to
the direction in which He is leading you.

And remember : When it comes to selecting someone, God
wants to give His approval - or not - but He won't give it
until He's asked. So ask, listen, and decide accordingly.

When feeling becomes the dominant force in a relationship, the
relationship is bound for trouble, because feelings change.
- Ed Young

Change from Continual Sin

I find that there are really four things
that prevent us from continual stumbling after being reconciled with Christ.
1. Being willing to 'give up' our sin
2. Believing that we 'don't have to sin' anymore
3. Heeding to the Holy Spirit's conviction before we again commit a sin
4. Strengthening our distaste for sin and recognizing the pull of temptation...
God is Forgiving; but sin seems to always be facing us. What can we do? Fristly, we must truly be willing to give up the sins of the past. A lot of times we do not do this; we say that we want to change, but we are only afraid of the consequences, and do not truly give up the root of our sin. In Christ our desires must change. If we do not surrender our desires to Him, we cannot expect to change our ways. Surrendering our desires to Him, means no longer letting our fleshes rule over us. Secondly, we must believe that "we do not have to sin". We are new creatures by the blood of Christ. A person must believe 'that they no longer have to sin'. Sin is like a Master, and in the past we were servants to sin, but by Christ we no longer have to remain in our shame, nor does sin have to rule over us. Believing that is a big step to change, because the past can haunt us and tell us we 'are still' who we used to be, but we must learn to disregard those lies, and remember that we have a new Master, and He is Christ. We are made Holy, new, and blameless in Him, and in Him we find our new Idenitiy, we are given a new name...
Thridly, we must heed to the Holy Spirit's Conviction in our lives. According to the Bible, there is always a way of excape from temptation, which means when we do sin, we have "chosen" sin over the way of excape. If a person never seems to feel previous conviction before their sin, they are in need of deep prayer to receive the Holy Spirit. For if a person has the Holy Spirit living inside of them, they "do" feel conviction before they act in sin. An important grasp on change and domanance over the flesh, is to not only "be aware of the conviction of the Holy Spirit", but to learn to "listen to it". A lot of the wrong choices we make, are because we rushed into sin, or chose not to listen or heed to the way out. Fourthly, we must truly grow in our distate for the world, sin, and pleasing the flesh. We must truly see the evil in what we do, in order to stop doing it. We must recognize the pain that it brings. One reason that some of us continue to sin, in the same area, over and over again, is because we never learned our lesson the first time. The heartache, and the distate has never truly taught us to hault before making the same choice over and over again. Satan likes to blind us to the fact that we never get what we want from sinning. He wants us to forget how we felt after we have sinned, and he wants us to only think about "the feeling" or "how good the sin felt", he doesn't want us to remember how we felt afterward, or how God feels, or felt about what we had done. God has already freed us from the chains that hung around our necks and bound our hands and feet, but we go look back at them and think to ourselves "oh that was fun", or "that sin was actually not so bad", and we pick "back up" those chains, and "we" "put them back around our neck, and lach them onto our wrists and ankels. God frees us, but we chain ourselves again, and once we realize what we have done...we go to God and ask Him to remove them again. If only we would not look back at those chains, and if we happen to come across them again, instead of picking them back up, kick them into the dust. Be Strong Siblings, God is God, and may You grow a true distate for the sin of the past.
Another important aspect to change, would be a replacment of desire or thought. Ask God to give you His pefect thoughts on what is pure, good, lovely, and uplifting for your life, build your actions upon these things and become so consumed in God's way, that the old ways are not longer as appealing. God's ways are such as these; He wants to present you blameless and pure before Him and others. God strokes your hair and prepares for you a white robe of beauty and righteousness. You have always been wanted by Him, worthy of His pursuit, and usable for His glory. May this fall only be a reminder of the ugliness and unsatisfaction of sin, and the Goodness of God. Fill your mind and time with spiritualy uplifting activites, entertainment, fellowship, and thoughts...Merciful is the Lord! may You be strengthened in His might.