Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bebo Norman - Here Goes

Surrender to God (=) Engagement to Purpose

    Surrender to God means to Engage to/into "Purpose"

What is Purpose?
Everyone has their own definition it seems...
 And the fact is I would leave the whole debate out there on the street, and let them have their
"purpose"... But since I've come in contact with purpose I'm not going to act like I'm athiest.
 "purpose" is all a matter or  point of view and opinion right?  Nah,  Truth is not
subject to opinion and theory, No - if you believe that the Bible is true, than you must believe Christ is true, and that the Gospel is true, and so therefore Truth lines up with the word of God...

     What does Christ say?

      "Follow Me",

Which means : Love
Which means : Relationship
Which means :Trust
Which means :Servitude
Which means :Sacrifice
Which means : Endurance
Which means : Battle
Which means : Training
Which means : Message
Which means : Gifts
Which means : Sharing
Which comes back to
Love -and perhaps a
re-run of the above

 So I'm hit with this "Purpose "alll at once...

Christ says "Follow Me"
...have we forgotten that?

Or do we believe that
Christianity is this:

Believe Christ is who He said He was, and than say
"Lord; follow me"...

Follow us?
This is what most of us seem to do...instead of living
like we are already responsible to someone for our lives and our freedom,
and instead of living out the gospel message of "Devotion to Christ", we live
as if He 'owed 'us what He gave us, and we receive His death on the cross, and now we
will live "perfect sinnless' little lives all so we can all go live "unashamed of the gospel" and then
live the rest or our lives for ourselves, and give the
"rest" of our hearts to our desires, and donate the rest of our strength to our own glory..
God said to love Him with what? "All" our hearts, souls, minds, strength. How can a
person really be loving someone with all their heart, soul, mind, strength -when they're living
for "themselves", and their top priority is to be "great in the eyes of others"?

...and the little bit of Christianity we have left, is it just really our "self-righteous pride" after all?

Well, back to that statment "Lord, follow me".
Hum, yeah sounds familiar: many of us go to college just to bank upon future
"self recognition" from the "world", "success" ah, we must have it...why?
well it puffs us up good enough, I mean after all, most of us know we don't
have perfect personalities, we fail at times, some of us may just feel hopeless
we fail God at times, we fail others: so why not bank upon some sort of
worth, right? Anyhow, so we put God on the backburnner for 5 years and
then stand up on the stage qoute "God will help me reach my dream"
and "He has great plans for me"...well please do read the whole scripture
when you qoute, cause when it's talking about plans, it usually ends with
God:  for He will do this or that - for who? "For those who Love Him, and are called
according to "His" Purpose...hum? If we Love Him won't we live like we
do? We are called according to "who's" purpose? God's ...
Who are called? Those who love Him.
 How do you love Him?
First you must truly recognize His love for's hard not to love someone
who would put their life on the line for you, it's hard not to love someone
who died for you, it's hard not to love someone who sacrificed His royalty
to come serve you, it's hard not to love someone who heals you, who
comforts you, who washes the dirt from your feet..
Are we heartless?
Or are we deaf?
Christ says "Follow",
it is the narrow path my friends,
few are they that trod it...
wide is the way to distruction.

So He came down from heaven, not just
any royalty "The flesh of God"
Jesus... Seperated himself from His royal place
beside the Father, and died so that you would
not have to perrish for your mistakes.
Rose again, in all proof of His Holliness,
and Sits on High, as your intersessor...

Jesus says "Come Follow"...
 "Inherit Eternal Life"...

And I'm stirred with no greater Purpose,
 Than to serve Him
 who made me.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christ Proposing to You

This is Purpose Proposing...Drink the wine, eat the bread...
Christ is Purpose...He proposes out of Love, and you accept through  believing in His "Act of Proposal" - namely "the sacrifice on the cross"...after this, through living a life of By living in the Love of Christ...By Recognizing the Love of God, Sharing the Love of God, and Living for Christ in return...How do we live purposefully? Through Love...Have you accepted the proposal of God? Have you married the Bridge Groom through His blood, and yet still find yourself searching for other lovers? Your Original Salvation scene may just be your initial "marriage" to Christ, but after that you have to "live out" your love...our flesh may  not desire so much to serve the Christ; but how is there "love" without "servitude" or "sacrifice"? It is a continual journey being "married to the lamb of God" aka "being a Christian", just like marriage between a man and a woman. You can get "married", but everyday from then forth you have the choice to either choose love or selfishness...Every day is a new day of choice... every day...and since marriage is supposed to be "forever", God will always do His part in loving you..the question is whether you will do your part or not...But truly, if our hearts are "Christ's" then we will love with all our beings! but if our hearts are only "half" or "a part" Christ's, then how can we expect to be acting selflessly with our lives toward Him? For if a our hearts, minds, strength, -is  not really "Christ's" ...then how will our hearts remain pure? how will our minds think on Him only? and how will our muscle, actions, hobbies, goals, produce anything truly "for" or "glorifying" to God?
We are all told to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, strength, - but only through "truly' being in "love" with Him, can we  even attempt to "go harder" for Him...

Beloved - by: Mike Donehey

This Blog Entry is from the site
It was written by Mike Donehey the lead singer
of the band Tenth Avenue North...It is Titled after
Their song: Beloved

...The disciples must have thought Jesus was crazy. Seriously. I can only imagine their faces. So confused, so perplexed, uncomfortably glancing back and forth between each other, wondering if they had misheard, wondering if someone could help them understand. Meanwhile, you got Jesus, unnerved, unfazed, just sitting there cooly, looking them dead in the eyes, asking them to marry Him. Yes, you heard me right…marry Him. With nothing more than a cup of wine, no less, the Lamb of God was proposing. So you can imagine their confusion right? “Wait. What? Come again? Jesus, you feeling alright brotha? I mean, I don’t think that I’m exactly what you’re looking for! You want to think about what you’re saying for a minute?”
Of course, we don’t see it that way, because we’re not Jewish. But they were, and they did. See it that way, I mean. “Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” We hear these words and we think Communion, Eucharist, Last Supper. The disciples heard this and they’re thinking wedding bells.
Apparently, “In those days,” when a Hebrew man decided to take for Himself a Hebrew woman, he’d go to his father and say, “Her, Dad. I want to make little rabbis with her.” So then the dad would go to her dad and they’d talk camels, or sheep, or whatever the payment was going to be, and after they’d settled on a figure, the groom would call in all his friends and family, set a table in the middle of a room, set the aforementioned girl down in front of said table, break out a cup, fill it with wine, and set it in front of her saying, “This is my covenant with you, take and drink it.” And if she did, that was her answer. With a simple gulp and swig, she was saying, “I do,” and that was it. No rings, no fancy songs or dinners, just a cup and an invitation. And oh yeah, all their relatives sitting in the room watching. I mean, talk about pressure. But yeah, that was it. Her lips to the glass was the same as saying, “I accept your life, and I give you mine in return.”
Now, If the girl said yes, “in those days,” she would then go immediately back to her home, where she would be known as, “one who was bought with a price.” It’s true. That was her name. Kind of long and tedious, and extremely hard to shout out in a game of soccer, but that was it. And with her new identity, she would go back to her town, and start preparing for the wedding. And really, she’d just start waiting for future husband to finish what he had to do and come and get her. What was he doing? Well, during the engagement, the groom’s primary responsibility was to build a mansion for him and his bride to be.
Now girls, before you get too excited, let me explain. “Mansion” in Hebrew means, “apartment.” And what’s even better is that this apartment was actually more like an addition, because the groom would build it onto his parents pre-existing house. Yes. You heard me correctly. Their first home would be with the in-laws. And right now, I can just imagine how many girls are thinking, “oh please don’t let me marry a Jewish boy.” It’s true though. He would build his “mansion” onto the family “insula,” which is what they would call the family dwelling. You see, the entire family would just keep building on and building on until you had what was basically a city block, all comprised of one big bustling Jewish family. (And you thought My Big Fat Greek Wedding was bad) Crazy, but also true.
Well, as you can imagine, this process could take quite a while. I mean, it’s a house for crying out loud. Some scholars say it was six months, or even a year before the poor guy was finished. And get this, the only one who could decide if it was finished was the father. So he’d be working and working and working, and every day looking to his dad, saying, “Are we done yet?” And I can just imagine the father messing with him. Taking his time, looking it over, and then just saying, “Almost.” Could you imagine? Oh, the agony! And to top it all off, the groom and the bride weren’t even allowed to talk to each other. Nothing. Nada. Zip. They couldn’t see or speak to one another during the entire engagement, except for one outlet. The best man. He’d be the instant messenger if you will. Taking notes back and forth between the doting couple. And those moments were probably pretty funny. “Here’s your note, ‘one who was bought with a price.’ Check yes, no, or maybe.” Unbelievable.
But you know, how much more beautiful would that day be when the father finally approved? That day when the groom was finally finished, and he could gather up his homeboys, or ‘groomsmen’ as we westerners would say, and imperiously march into his fiance’s town? Oh it was sweet. And that’s just what he’d do. He’d get his bridal party together and they’d come to her house, and without any prior announcement or advanced warning, they would blow a shofar, which was a ram’s horn that served as a trumpet, and upon hearing it, the pining bride would come bustling out her front door and practically straight down the aisle, and into her beloved’s arms. The period of waiting and wanting would be over, and the two would be united at last to consummate their long-awaited union. Joy. Happiness. Little Rabbis… You know, all the good stuff.
So then, back to the dinner table with the 12. Can you sense where this is going? Jesus breaks into this marriage proposal, cup out, wine-filled, offering his covenant with them. They accept. “I do” to Jesus. Gulp, gulp. “I accept your life, and I give you mine in return.” So then, what does Jesus do? He explains how they have to spend some time apart. Naturally. Only this is going to be longer than a year. However, the best man was coming. His name? The Holy Spirit. So when Jesus leaves, off to get busy preparing a “mansion” for them, (“in my Father’s house there are many rooms”) He doesn’t leave them alone, but instead sends His own mediator, the Holy Spirit, to keep the messages going between Himself and his Beloved. Meanwhile, the bride is left behind in her town, keeping watch, day and night, not knowing the day, time or hour that the bridegroom will appear. Until finally, after a long-awaited return, and we’re talking seriously, long awaited; centuries and milleniums waited people, after this much awaited consummation, the Father alone will announce that the time has come, and Jesus will be coming back for all His faithful, all who are His bride. With a posse of angels and loud trumpet call of their own, He will take us home, to the marriage supper of the Lamb! And we will share in ever-increasing joy and intimacy with Him forever and ever. As C.S. Lewis so brilliantly articulated, “Further up and further in!”
And people still want to insist that Christianity is no more than a religion.
I don’t know about you but in light of this information, it puts Jesus in an entirely different light. He’s no longer an ideal, or a belief system. He’s a person. And to put it more precisely, He is a groom in love with his bride. And not just any bride, but a wayward, adulterous bride. A bride who is half-hearted at best, chasing other lovers and other interests more than Him. And still, He keeps on loving. He keeps on being faithful, He keeps his promises.
In the Old Testament, He tells his prophet Hosea to marry an unfaithful woman, to show everyone the way He loves his people. (see Hosea 3) In the New, He tells us that divorce will never be an option for Him. (Phil 1:6) Over and over and over again, From Isaiah, to Ezekiel, to Ephesians, He tells us that we are not just his children, but we are his bride. Faithless though we might be, we are His, and He is ours.
And like I said before, this changes everything. It changes the way I view prayer. It changes the way I view marriage. It even changes the reasons that I obey. As Donald Miller once said, “it’s a far different thing to break a rule, than it is to cheat on a lover.” I only pray that it changes things for you.
   - Mike Donehey (from band: Tenth Avenue North)

The Truth is Who You Are Lyrics

The Truth is Who You Are - Tenth Avenue North

“it would be easier if you were just a thought in my head
simply something that I once read
a belief needing my defense
and it would be easier if you were something I once knew
a hope just to hold on to
but you’re holding out your hands

cause you came to take us back to the start
you came to touch the hardness of our hearts
you gave us truth that truth is who you are
it’s who you are

and it’s not enough to just say, ‘I believe.’
Cause truth is that talk is cheap
so grace give me eyes to see

flesh and blood you offer us
oh to eat the bread and drink the cup
oh to taste to see to feel to touch
Emmanuel God with us
Emmanuel God with us” doesn’t matter how much Scripture and philosophy I know, what matters is what I do with it. Ironically, having a lot of information about Jesus can often be the very thing that keeps us from Him. We delude ourselves into thinking that Jesus is nothing more than a fact on a page. An idea to comprehend, a moral to ascribe to. And believe me, He’s much more than that. He is our life, our breath, and the pulse within our veins. He is before, behind, and all around. Over. Underneath. Inside. In between. - Mike Donehey

Tenth Avenue North - Love Is Here

Go Hard Lyrics - Lecrae

Go Hard - Lecrae
(feat. Tedashii)

Go Hard or Go Home [x2]
Lord Use Me Up [x2]

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Lord kill me If I don't preach the gospel
I'm still in my 20's- but I'll die if I got to
Already dead- so forget my flesh
I done been crossed over see the full court press
I'm a full court mess if the Lord don't use me

Running from my trials thinkin everythangs groovy
If the Cross don't move me then I don't wanna breath no mo

If I ain't seeing Christ then I don't wanna see no mo
Rep every day withouth worrying about bruising
I been to china mayne I seen some real persecution
If U didn't know em would ya life look the same
Can they tell you value Jesus by the way you rep his name?
Man what's the point of living if I'm living for myself
Lord empty out my life before I put you on the shelf So for God I got Hard I don't' wanna die tonight
It's too many people living who ain't heard about my Christ
Go Hard or Go Home [x2]
Lord Use Me Up [x2]

[Verse 2: Lecrae]
Went to Asia had to duck and hide-for Sharin my faith
They tell me water it downwhen I get back to states
They say tone the music down you might sell a lot a records
But it's people out here dying and none of em heard the message
Took my wifey on mission trip - central america
Shared her testimony 40 people stood and stared at her
When she said Jesus shoulda seen it was insane cause 40 out of 40 never heard of Jesus name
Aw mayne we ain't focused on the war we just kickin it
Worried bout our image and our space up on the internet

Take me out the game coach
I don't wanna play no mo
If can't give it all I got and leave it out there on the court
Thank you for the Grace for the will and the desire
Got me
Living for your glory stead of living to retire
But I pray I'll never tire of Going hard for Messiah
I don't need no motivation You the reason I'm inspired.

[Verse 3: Tedashii]
Go Hard
Go Home, Go Hard
Go Home

That's what that is baby
That what that mean
That what that mean

That what That is baby
That what that mean
That what that mean

Wha-What that mean?

That mean that we, should be out up in ok streets

Not just in houses with our bible's summrizing what we read

Man this ain't deep (man this ain't deep)
Why we ain't doing what we read

It's like we sleep (it's like we sleep)

But sinners sleepwalk when they sleep

So why can't we (so why can't we)
The redeemed of the LORD

Act out, what He said
And make a scene for the LORD

Action-cut, say what, like we was the director

But you better get a Grip like movie sets, and get to stepping
I know you done it
Da-done it, da-done-and heard it all
You was going hard for the Lord before you heard this song

But don't play yourself to save ya self
And walk in fear

Scripture's like a mirror
The truth is closer than it appears
[ Go Hard Lyrics on ]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We live each day either consumed in what we have planned or consumed in our lack of plan.
 Surrender...Hum the road to Purpose. Surrender to God is the only way we can become all that He has planned for us. Only by surrender can we see the future in the right light, only though surrender can we let go of our fears, our own opinions, our hurts. But what about our dreams? What about all that we hold to with white fists, afraid to let go less we fall...Isn't it our dreams that we are entitled to? I mean, isn't it our "dreams" that we should sacrifice it all for? Well, here's the cinch...Without Surrender how do you know you are dreaming the right thing? It all comes down to love, whatever you truly love is what your treasure is, and that is what you are going to be willing to sacrifice for, and ultimately "serve". If you love yourself 1st than you will serve your self first, that's just how it works. You see all these broken up marriages wonder, people are taught now a days to Love themselves above all others, so therefore since they believe this, they live it...They love themselves first, so obviously they answer to themselves first; not to others, not to God. Dreams have to be surrendered too; or else they will only become nightmares to the soul. "Dreams" are in the greatest senses desires, hopes, aspirations, goals:
So what if your desires lead your life? Do you think you will find satisfaction in reaching for things that will only serve to savor your flesh and degrade your soul? And what about your goals? Is it your aim to make yourself great or is it your aim to serve others and God Himself? Are you aspiring to be a better person in order to make an impact on others  in the world? Or are you aspiring for only selfish reasons? I previously stated that there are a certain 3 things people desire, among others...Being "free" to feel, being felt "for", and finding Purpose...
Your thoughts may be telling you at this moment, "Well sure I need to put others "before myself" and Sure, I need to put my Beliefs and my "religion" before my own way...but, that doesn't mean I can't have my dreams...You may thing: "What is life worth anyway if I can't prove to the world that I'm worthy of being admired? I mean come on, every "go getter" knows that in order to be recognized as his tittle, he must prove himself worthy of it...No one ever got to the top of the hill without a climb."..Yeah, yeah true, one must climb...But what are we climbing for? Hey, it's alright to have some earthly likes, and desires... We are mankind after all.
But if your dreams motivating your life at this moment..are they worthy of it? You can only believe one way or the other: here is the Choice and here is the crisis...and remember you can always turn back to the starting line, yet once you are on your way how much harder is it on your will to turn back!?
: "Are you Motivated to Live for Your own Glory and Desires before your responsibility to Christ?"
Or: "Are you Motivated to Live a life Surrendered?"
Surrender is the only path to Freedom. Without it you will be a slave. Either a slave to your hurts, fears, worries, desires (emotions) : or a slave to your own goals, dreams, aspirations...

Are your dreams or desires conflicting with what you know to be right?

Surrender may require humbling, it may require Humility. Surrender may also require a person to recognize that they cannot find true satisfaction in  a life of "self serve"...Once our lives our surrendered to God, we will find Purpose overflowing, and to our amazement God will use the things we thought we had to give up in a way we couldn't have imagined... to bring out our true "earthly" purpose and "eternal"l purpose. We were not meant to be "Dreamless" but our dreams should not lead our lives if they are solely centered around " self glorification". No one ever got far wanting to build his own kingdom, only though love for others...Christ came two thousand years ago, and yet His Kingdom still grows : How has He built it? And how is it continuing to grow? On Love and Servitude my friends. Sacrifice of Self. You will be surprised to find that through Surrender you will not be disappointed, because after all to surrender means you have fallen in Love with something, or someone  who you must now consider greater than yourself...
Remember this life is not about self recognition, it is about sharing the gospel. Christians should be proclaiming Christ and the Gospel with their lives, our desire should be to share the message in order for our King to be recognized. It's all about "Him" being recognized...If we really love Him then that is what we will  desire to do, "Be mascots for Him, not "ourselves". It all comes back down to love. Where is your treasure? Who is your love? What you love is what your will bank upon...Who you love is who you are going to serve. Is it yourself? Is it others? Is it Christ?

Surrender is the Engagement Ring for Purpose

Empty My Hands-Tenth Avenue North Lyrics

Regina Spektor - "Laughing With" Official Video

...We can laugh at God, but what about when we need Him?
The question is answered in Lecrae's song "Truth"...Truth is not subject to change or oppinion....No matter how we choose, it does not change the fact that we are here for a Reason and a Purpose. Even Art and the Artist aims to release his or hers emotions and meaning in what he or she produces. Everyone desires these three things : 1. To be free to feel 2. To be felt for 3. To have purpose

Monday, September 20, 2010

We are all looking for some sort of Meaning in Life, or else we
are trying to live out our meanings...So the #1 Question is
what does Purpose mean to you? What does success, purpose,
acceptance, all mean to you? How would you define them
to yourself or to others?  And what or who are you "willing" to be led by?
What will " live out "as fact in your life is what you "choose" to believe,
for if you do not really "believe" something how can it work
as truth in your life?

Truth Song Lyrics: by Lecrae

This song right here is for everybody out there looking for truth
And who says, ya know, we all in the same boat
Christians, Muslims, everybody like that¦(yo)
You're looking for truth
(Oh) I got some answers man
(So good to me) o.k, let's get into it.

Let's go!
Night and day I ain't scared to sayin we different
They play the prostitute, but they like to say they just intimate
Idols in their heart, they can't seem to lose the grip on it
Seem em walking in the direction they can get crippled with?
Our world is different like Whitley and Wayne, mayne
They say we look the same, but we ain't chasin the same thing
It all boils down to they think everything is relative
Jesus might as well be a South American president
Very evident¦they say that Jesus was heaven sent
They lifestyle reflects that they worship theyself instead of him
They don't acknowledge the Christ
If they did, they wouldn't worship themselves by the way that they live
All these rappers say they got guns that spray of 16
I got a Luke 9 that can take all 16
That's the Bible, the one they call
But they don't care about the author, They think he's a joke

Man, see some folks say, "All truth is relative, it just depends on what you believe." You know, "hey man, ain't no way to know for sure who God is or what's really true." But that means you believe your own statement; that there's no way to know what's really true. You're saying that that statement is true. You're killing yourself. If what's true for you is true for you and what's true for me is true for me, what if my truth says your's is a lie? Is it still true? Come on man!

I promise everybody is askin the same questions, "Who am I? What is my purpose and my direction?"
Probably believe that you exist for no other reason
Than self satisfaction, hedonism, and pleasing things
Life's about you gettin yours and being happy
Even if it means a divorce and switchin families?
Your job, your house, your car, your spouse
It's all for the glory of you¦else you out

You go to school, get ya degrees, and get a job
So you can make a whole lot of cheese, cuz life's hard
You never thought of livin to please a real God
And that's the reason He made you
(See) He gave you breath to breathe, the chest to breathe it
So you can taste and see He's the best, believe it
He made us for His glory, and not for your own, homie
Our God is holy¦you should repent and die slowly!

See, there's this thing called "Secular Humanism", it says man is the source of all meaning and all purposing. You know what i'm saying? We're just the result of a big cosmic explosion. We don't really have a purpose or meaning, so we just come up with our own purpose. We're the source of our meaning and our purpose. How can a man, which is the product of chance, a finite being be the source of purpose and meaning? You can't! You're created with purpose man! Get with The Creator yo!

Man, everybody got a problem with God
And when you mention the Christ, then they really get to turning the knob
But some say they roll with Christ
Cuz some rappers made him seem like He was cool with all the sin in they life
But then some say, "How could God exist when all this evil stuff in the world keep persistin?"
Wrong question, ask again
How come God ain't let you feel the wrath from sin?
What you thought last night deserves a first class flight to Hell
Where God doesn't dwell, you got that right
But he brought back life on that cross that night
Christ died
You ain't know that it cost that price?
All of God's anger poured on His Son
Been together through all eternity
Now He was shun
Praise God for the life that was won for us
Ain't got a beef with God because the Son was Christ

Look, man, some people say that God ain't real 'cause they don't see how a good God can exsist with all this evil in the world. If God is real then He should stop all this evil, 'cause He's all-powerful right? What is evil though man? It's anything that's against God. It's anything morally bad or wrong. It's murder, rape, stealing, lying, cheating. But if we want God to stop evil, do we want Him to stop it all or just a little bit of it? If He stops us from doing evil things, what about lying, or what about our evil thoughts? I mean, where do you stop, the murder level, the lying level, or the thinking level? If we want Him to stop evil, we gotta be consistent, we can't just pick and choose. That means you and I would be eliminated right? Because we think evil stuff. If that's true, we should be eliminated! But thanks be to God that Jesus stepped in to save us from our sin! Christ died for all evilness! Repent, turn to Jesus man!"

Purpose Proposing

Suppose we never searched between the lines, or opened up our eyes to find the answer to our every day, the source of our beating hearts, our guiding light, our all and all...
What if Purpose Proposed? Like love to turn a soul around, or new hope for the broken down, the key to life and life for death, like the meaning behind every new breath?