Monday, April 2, 2012


Memories...they come and remind us of the past...sometimes they hearken the laughter of conversations back in time, the remembrance of streets once walked, or the reality of things, or relationships once vivid and living...but the odd thing about memories, the almost uncontrollable and sometimes punishing thing they can do is bring back the feelings of something in the past... Memory doesn't doesn't just hold on to words, images, and sounds, but also 'feelings' and emotions. When a something, someone, or a relationship has passed on, or a situation has changed, memory often and unexpectedly brings back a feeling unneeded or uncalled for; almost like the sensation of pain or touch in a limb that no longer exists...Memory can almost be like a special effect box, or an illusionist.

How do we make ourselves realize and awaken to the fact that some memories cannot or should not draw us to the past; but are instead hurdles to jump over (in way of the future)? It's almost as if we must forget the missing limb, and what we used to do with it, in order to move on...Ah, the power of memory...sometimes we must learn to let go and move forward; not that we make the past void in terms of lessons learned and feeling felt etc. Nothing can really change the past, it is over, and yet somehow memory can make us believe that memories are still alive in as much as we live in them or believe they are the present. The past does make the journey to where we are in this moment, but what makes tomorrow is what we do in 'this' moment....and how the 'present' is, is not always how the 'past' was. We cannot make the mistake of thinking the present is always the past, or that the past is always the present. Yet, there are things that transcend time, there are memories that relay the continued reality of today - but they are based on unchangeable, and sacred things.

Even so, feelings may always remain caught up in a moment passed, sealed away by memory...but it is the lasting things, love, diligence, faithfulness, and endurance, that makes the present and will determine the future. We have the choice in life to let the past own us, or let the will of God and the truth of thing (how they were, are, and should be) direct us and motivate us into the future. Thank God for His allowance for new beginnings and His encouragement for change; or else we would be slaves to the our memories, our mistakes, and our past way of viewing thing, when in reality; people change, truth shows it's head, and not all stays the same...We choose whether to escape the memories that would like to keep us rehashing, and or sliding. Another important thing is to realize what memories are of 'false realities' such as stirred from our own 'fantasizing'. Doesn't mean the feelings weren't real, but sometimes the relationship, situation etc...wasn't as 'alive' or real' as we imagined at the time.

Thank God we are not obligated or slaves to our feelings of the past. There are things deeper than feelings' such as mentioned in the Bible. We are responsible to God first, our actions second (in relation to others and ourselves) and so...may we trust the Lord, give Him our memories, give Him our feelings, and focus on the truth whether reflected also in our memories, or just reveled to us in the present...Thank God for His Guidance, His liberty, and setting us free by His truth! God free us from any attachments whether to the world, things, people, feelings, memories, that would keep us from you, or Your will! It's always the choice - between the 'good' and the 'bad', and the 'good' and the 'best'. We are yours! let's make the moment count, as we place the future in Your hands.

You belong to Jesus. He comes before everything. You can be free from whatever is hindering you from living to your fullest, whether it's memories: of past mistakes, relationships, or actions, - You don't have to live in the past, You can live in today. Make your future by living today in Christ's Liberty.

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