Monday, November 8, 2010

Setting your Sights High

Col 3:1 ¶ If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

Col 3:2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Col 3:3 For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

Col 3:4 When Christ, [who is] our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.

I lot of times we "set" our affection on "things" here on earth, and do not set our sights on things above. What truly are you and I seeking? there are many things we may seek for: for example: Whether we are seeking - "things of the world" pleasure, fame, power - or things that in them selves are not bad - such as, acceptance, encouragment, justification, friends, even love...there is still something to consider.
- And that is this; whatever you "seek" from life, is what will consume you. If you seek Christ, and make your life a continued journey of 'seeking to follow' - if you put your heart into it, that is what will consume you. You see, acceptance in it's self is not bad, we all need to know that we are accepted by the blood of Christ, but if "acceptance" is our main goal in life then whether we gain "earthly acceptance" from others etc - or whether we do not - the search for it, will consume a person's life. Even encouragment, encouragment is good, we need encouragment, but we are not promised encourament from other people, and if you dedicate your life to always expecting or looking for encourament,that can consume you as well. "Friends" are important to us, the impact us, and they can either uplift us or drag us down... although it should be noted that "true friends" are not those who would drag us backward...But you cannot make your goal in life, searching for friends, because that can also consume you...and what is the matter with something "consuming us"? Well, to be honest, there is only one thing, and One "person" who should consume us...Once our eyes are on Him, then we need not worry about how much of anything else we have...Man and woman was made to glorify God, not to glorify their own selves. So it could be stated that "Man was made for God", man finds his purpose in relationship with God. He is fulfilled in Christ alone.
So no matter what you may be obviously lacking of in your earthly life, whether it be encouragment, friends, a spouse, the search or desire for these things should never "lead" or "consume" you or your life. I think wahat happens to a lot of us is we have too much time on our minds lol. We continue to think souly about us, what we will do, what we should do, what we don't have, what we want to have, where we are going...and it's just too much for us to handle. And in reality, it should be ;). All we must do if lose ourselves in Christ, He wants to encourage us, He wants to love us, He wants to first be our all and all...and then whatever else we may think we need, will be given to us, because God will not hold back any "good" from those who love Him...those who find their purpose for living in Him, alone...for those who are consumed by Him. Think of David from the bible, Elijah, Moses, Daniel, Samuel, - they were devoted to God. Then, think of the example given to us by Christ Himself...We must first find our life line in Christ, and set our sights on things above, in order to find our way...Nothing else matters in the moment but your relationship with Christ. So even if there are good things that you desire, set them aside to "first" set your sights on what Christ tells us to...Do not sell your love firstly to people, things, success, whatever if may be - that is here on earth. Firstly, set your sights on Jesus. Don't try to hold your life in your own hands...I know it may be hard, because we people seem to think we have unlimited control over our futures think 'we deside' what will or won't be good for us..but really, if you are His, you will find that God has His say. Just trust In Him, and leave it up to Him. And I know you've heard it before, but First get close to God, and be intune with His Spirt, then consider your feelings...Don't let secondary things consume your life, or your "seeking" in life. First seek the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you...As in First seek the Will of God, and He will take care of You. It is good to love people, we are called to love people. But in the above scripture it says to not "set" our affection on things on earth...becase God is our life, always remember that, God is your life, not friends, not encouragment, not fellowship, not love from others, Christ is your reason for living. Set your sights on the future with Him, on eternity, and not on earthly goals or desires, because there is no garantee of all else, and seek the things above, rather then live with your eyes glued on things on earth. Seek His return, it shows how much You love Him, when you look for Him, when you dream of the day you are with Him. It's about Him folks. Not about living and then just going to heaven to get away from our troubles, it's about living for Him, and then going to be with Him...Where is your heart and sights set?

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