Monday, November 22, 2010


Only three more days till the American Holiday of Thanksgiving :) Thoughts come to mind, such as sitting around the table reunited with family and friends, the aroma of just cooked turkey and warm buttered biscuits...Pies set out on festive table cloths and the flicker of candle light...just to name a few. How about you? what comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving day? We all have our memories. But I think for me, the most important feeling of all is that of graditude. Warm food, warm decor, warm lighting, warm home, warm hearts. And all these make me feel grateful inside. But what if this feeling of gratefulness didn't just come when I was sitting at the table on Thanksgiving...instead, what if this feeling of warm carried with me through the intire year. No matter the season. That is what I want, I want to feel God and be grateful for His blessings and evident hand in my life all year around. And to be so close to Him that no only do I feel his Warmth in the Summer time, or the summerly seasons of my life, but in the Fall: seasons of change, in the Winter: seasons that teach patience, and in Spring: the seasons of rebirth. I've been reading about worship lately. Worship has always been a part of my life, a big part. But as I was reading I came across this information It expressed that Praise - is thankfulness for an obvious blessing, or action on God's part... but Worship... Worship is a lifestyle. A lifestyle of Thanksgiving. God has given us Life, Love and Freedom...Through his creation of us, Christ's Sacrifice on the Cross, and Him rising again. Isn't this enough to motivate a life of worship?

We are always in the presence of God. There is never a non-sacred moment. –Max Lucado

This saying might scare some of us. Because when we hear or read the workd "sacred" we think "in a place of judgment". Because we see our fault, and we don't want to constantly be in the view of He who is "Perfection" Himself. But really the way I see it is that a life of worship or thanksgiving is truly observed, not only by a God who happens to see everything anyway, but by all who surround us. We are sacredly made beings, made for the sacred, made for the presense of God. Don't let anyone fool you there...We were made for more. And just because we live in a fallen world doesn't mean that we are so seperated from God that we are not seen by Him. We are always in His sight. The Psalmst David said: "where can I hide from you? ....if I go down to the depth of the sea, still you are there....Still you are with me".
You formed me in my mother's whom. So this is encouragment that since God is there, our Thanksgving and Praise, and Worship is very relevant. It does not go unseen, rather it is of purpose. To live a Life of Worship is to live with great purpose. The Purpose being to Glorify Christ. Read what He has done for you, draw close to Him. Yes, drink deeply of the water He is giving freely. He who drinks will not go thirsty. Let Him fill you up overflowing. So that your heart and soul may be filled, also with "Thanksgiving", not only on the 25th of November, but all throughout the year.

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