Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Running on Broken Glass

My advice:

Don't fall into getting so excited about something without taking time to look around...It can be deadly.

It's like running through broken glass just because you see a swminning pool over/past it... and you excitedly run through the glass, never looking down, cause you're determinedly headed to "that swimming pool". Then, your name is called and you stop running - look down - and find that a big jagged peice of glass stuck in your foot. Yeah, you being to cry, cause obviously it does hurt.
It's stupid to run over broken glass just to get to "take a dive". Most likely its not a service to Christ, because if you are aware of the glass and run anyway, then it's probably selfishness; because if it was all Christ Cenetered, and according to "His Will", wouldn't you just take His route down by the river?
Sometimes affliction is caused by our own selfsih choices. We harm ourselves, and then say it was God who was doing the chastening. We are not faultless, we let emotions lead us, even if they weren't meant wrongly, they can lead us to our own end if we do not maintain control.
Cause once again, a quick run over broken glass, in the night no less, can cause you to wake up with a big peice of that glass stuck in your foot. Life's not easy. Some things arn't fair. Remember 'mere swimming' isn't a wrong desire, it's just sometimes, certain pools arn't made for us. And God knows that. You mess up and then God takes your hand and says "Hey you're gonna get hurt that way...come with me". And it seems all exciting at first, till He pulls the glass out of your foot and you know the wound was of your own making.
We all are in need of salvation, redemption, and refocus right?
So even we have to be willing to forgive 'our own' mistakes...and ask to be led into an even deeper walk with God. If you've never been good at beginnings, and you like deep groves to follow in...remember that deep groves go before you, dug by the cross, Christ's foot prints, and so let the Sprit guide you.

"Forgive us Lord of anything we've done wrong, for being led by false emotion, wrong example, or denying our faults in anyway...Here we lay ourselves before You...

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