Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Courage to Change: Repentance

The remorse sets in for what you've done. It hits you like a wave. You didn't have to let it happen, more accurately, you didn't have to engage it it. Sin. The word that haunts you after you've taken it's hand, the word that defines your worst deeds and actions. If only you could be rid of it completely. If only you could forget about it.

Sin. The thing that has hurt those around you, the very thing you've been hurt by yourself, it's something you've let take a hold in your life. Now the curtain is falling, the dark curtain of sorrow and pity. You take it for what it is, and cry at the consequences you've brought upon yourself. The pain is too much, it's too much to bare. All you wanted was to be was liked, all you wanted was to fit in, all you wanted was to be free, all you wanted was to dull the emotions of yesterday.  The consequence is unbearable, certainly God could remove the suffering, that is, if He was still there with you, maybe He'd gone out with those you'd let down.

You didn't deserve this, did you?  You "will" be better, you shall you shall. You will move on and take the new chance ahead. You stand from your puddle of tears. God has given you a second chance, you know He has. You wipe the tear stains from your eyes, put on a song of change and pump your fist in the air. "I am Innocent, I am blameless".

Next month, there you are again. Sin. That ugly, ugly, thing, has captured your heart again. Push repeat, push replay, it plays the same, again and again.

Have you ever repented for your sins? I mean "truly" repented. No just feeling sorry about your mistakes, and than pushing them under the covers under the label of "another chance".
When you make a mistake, when you sin, how do you feel about it? Do you feel defeated? Do you feel remorseful? Do you feel terrible? What to you,is the worst thing about sinning? Is it the way it hurts
other people? The way it makes you feel? What it does to you? The consequence?

A lot of people, especially those who seem to be stuck in continually sinning, or sinning in one
particular area over and over again, feel either one of two things. Either they live in remorse after
every sin, and drown in the consequence. Or they become numb towards their sin, and give up trying or wanting to become different. After all change is "too" hard, for someone to do alone...
Which is what a lot of people try to do, they think they can just sin, and claim they're going to be
different and go at it again.

Do you know though that neither of these ways are the road to change? It is not enough for you to feel remorse over what you've done wrong. Because you can Not want to sin any more because of what it does to yourself and others, and you can mourn over what you've been through and the pain you've experienced because of your sin, but you will not change inwardly.

You will continue to make the same mistakes. Because if you do not see what Christ has done for you on the cross, if you do not see the sacrifice that has been made for you. If you do not see "what" sin is in a nutshell, then you will not be changed. A lot of people, Pity, Pity, Pity over their constant sin, and in doing so "push God" out of the picture. Repentance isn't "just" feeling sad over what you have done, because anyone who has had to face the consequence of his mistakes has felt "sorry" about their choices. Yet, you must feel sorry over your sin, but not just because it is like a ball that you throw that hits you back in the head, nor a Frisbee that comes back around to hit home, but because it hurts the one who made You. Sin, not only is bad for your health, and those around you, but hurts God. Matter of fact, it hurt God "soo much"...

Christ was blameless, but yet He died for us sinners. That through belief and repentance we may all receive forgiveness and new life. Stop rejecting Christ, by weeping over your sins, and then not coming to repentance. Repent from your sins.

Unless you realize that your sins hurt and disobey a perfect God, you will not stop the constant sinning. You must realize that if Christ hadn't died in your stead, you would be eternally guilty of all
of your sins. You would be punished for every sin not only be consequence but by punishment by death. God is all holy. He will not tolerate sin, that is not covered by the blood of Christ through Repentance. Without Christ you would be guilty, guilty, guilty.

Have you ever watched the movie or read the book "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe"? In the film adaption a young boy named Edmund, has betrayed His siblings for selfish reasons, (sin), and in doing so has become property of the 'White Witch', because anyone who sins belongs to her, and must die, be sacrificed on a stone table. Because only the shedding of blood can end the guilt of sin, someone must die for the sin committed. Aslan, the Lion King of this story is a representation of God. He sets the boy free, and dies in his place, fulfilling the law of the land that one must die for his sin. But because He is blameless, He breaks the curse and the stone table cracks in two. Aslan resurrects and saves the day.

Aslan is a Christ figure. This is what Christ did for us. He let us go free, and died in our place. He is the only truly blameless being, because He is the Son of God. God made mankind, mankind rebelled against him in the garden, bringing the pain and consequences of their disobedience along with them. And than God, out of His love, died for Mankind.

We are all guilty of sin. We have all done things that are sins. Lies, cheated, lusted, etc...We all must be covered by the blood of Christ. We all must repent in order to be Saved.
What is true repentance though? It is believing in what Jesus did for You. That He rose from the grave, to prove your sin can be forgiven you, and that death cannot contain the Son of God. The cross is the symbol of the guilt of sin, the empty tomb of the new life in Christ!
True repentance is followed by a turning from the sin of the past, true repentance is surrendering ones sinful desires. True repentance is life change.

Fall on your knees. Ask God to forgive you of your sins. Surrender your sinful desires to Him. If you do not, you will not change, you will continue sinning, and continue hurting God, and others. God is the one you do most wrong to when you sin, God is the one who made you, and hurts when you hurt, hurts when you don't listen to Him, when you disregard Him, when you hurt His other creations, when you try to disprove him by living like he doesn't exist or reward those who trust Him.
Jesus died to give you a new life in Him. Believe in what He has done for you on the cross. I don't mean just to "accept" it, I mean really, really, "Believe" it. You see, unless you realize that  Believe that He died because of sin, and that He rose from the dead to save you from it.

Truly repent of your sin. Sorrow over how you've hurt God. And ask not only forgive Him to forgive you for your rebellion, but to forgive you for harming His creation, harming yourself, and ask Him to change your desires to give Him glory. Ask for a new heart, a new mind, the making of a new man. Become a new Creation in Christ Jesus. You cannot, and will not become a new creation if you are not truly repentant, because being truly repentant means you are "sorry for your "sin"...not just sorry for the consequence. Let your heart be softened to true repentance, and a desire for holiness.

If you are not willing to give up the sin, you are not willing to change. Just wanting to change for "yourself", and the way others view you, is not good enough, because it is still selfish. Selfishness is the root of sin.
Selfishness is the cause of the Devil's fall, Selfishness will not change you. Morning over you sins, because it hurts "you" is not the way of change, morning because it hurts God, because sin is truly "sinful" is different. I pray you will be given a new view on your sin, that you will see it for what it is, and see what Christ has done for you as it really is. May you truly repent; and in result be Changed.

Aslan and Edmund

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