Thursday, October 25, 2012

Purpose Proposed On A Cross

'Purpose Proposed on a Cross'...those words are some of the first that started this blog. Purpose Proposed on a Cross...What do those words mean to you? They mean to me, that Christ is Purpose...and He proposed to all the world, and to each individual when He died on the cross. What did He propose?
For God 'so loved' the word, that He gave His 'Only Begotten Son', that 'whosoever' believeth in him should not perrish but have 'everlasting life'. ~ John 3:16

Christ is proposing not only 'eternal life' to you, but 'purpose it's self'. All You have to do is believe in what He's done for you...and follow Him. 

Christ is reaching out His hand, will you take it? He calls you Beloved, He calls you by name...There is a world awaiting out there, and there is more to the gospel than just receiving a Savior...God saves our souls, as well as places His purpose within us.
And it's not just a 'feeling', but a true 'cause'. Christ wants to give your life purpose. Will you say 'Yes'? Will you receive it?

'Taste' and 'see', for the Lord is good...Pslam 34:8

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