Thursday, September 30, 2010

Surrender to God (=) Engagement to Purpose

    Surrender to God means to Engage to/into "Purpose"

What is Purpose?
Everyone has their own definition it seems...
 And the fact is I would leave the whole debate out there on the street, and let them have their
"purpose"... But since I've come in contact with purpose I'm not going to act like I'm athiest.
 "purpose" is all a matter or  point of view and opinion right?  Nah,  Truth is not
subject to opinion and theory, No - if you believe that the Bible is true, than you must believe Christ is true, and that the Gospel is true, and so therefore Truth lines up with the word of God...

     What does Christ say?

      "Follow Me",

Which means : Love
Which means : Relationship
Which means :Trust
Which means :Servitude
Which means :Sacrifice
Which means : Endurance
Which means : Battle
Which means : Training
Which means : Message
Which means : Gifts
Which means : Sharing
Which comes back to
Love -and perhaps a
re-run of the above

 So I'm hit with this "Purpose "alll at once...

Christ says "Follow Me"
...have we forgotten that?

Or do we believe that
Christianity is this:

Believe Christ is who He said He was, and than say
"Lord; follow me"...

Follow us?
This is what most of us seem to do...instead of living
like we are already responsible to someone for our lives and our freedom,
and instead of living out the gospel message of "Devotion to Christ", we live
as if He 'owed 'us what He gave us, and we receive His death on the cross, and now we
will live "perfect sinnless' little lives all so we can all go live "unashamed of the gospel" and then
live the rest or our lives for ourselves, and give the
"rest" of our hearts to our desires, and donate the rest of our strength to our own glory..
God said to love Him with what? "All" our hearts, souls, minds, strength. How can a
person really be loving someone with all their heart, soul, mind, strength -when they're living
for "themselves", and their top priority is to be "great in the eyes of others"?

...and the little bit of Christianity we have left, is it just really our "self-righteous pride" after all?

Well, back to that statment "Lord, follow me".
Hum, yeah sounds familiar: many of us go to college just to bank upon future
"self recognition" from the "world", "success" ah, we must have it...why?
well it puffs us up good enough, I mean after all, most of us know we don't
have perfect personalities, we fail at times, some of us may just feel hopeless
we fail God at times, we fail others: so why not bank upon some sort of
worth, right? Anyhow, so we put God on the backburnner for 5 years and
then stand up on the stage qoute "God will help me reach my dream"
and "He has great plans for me"...well please do read the whole scripture
when you qoute, cause when it's talking about plans, it usually ends with
God:  for He will do this or that - for who? "For those who Love Him, and are called
according to "His" Purpose...hum? If we Love Him won't we live like we
do? We are called according to "who's" purpose? God's ...
Who are called? Those who love Him.
 How do you love Him?
First you must truly recognize His love for's hard not to love someone
who would put their life on the line for you, it's hard not to love someone
who died for you, it's hard not to love someone who sacrificed His royalty
to come serve you, it's hard not to love someone who heals you, who
comforts you, who washes the dirt from your feet..
Are we heartless?
Or are we deaf?
Christ says "Follow",
it is the narrow path my friends,
few are they that trod it...
wide is the way to distruction.

So He came down from heaven, not just
any royalty "The flesh of God"
Jesus... Seperated himself from His royal place
beside the Father, and died so that you would
not have to perrish for your mistakes.
Rose again, in all proof of His Holliness,
and Sits on High, as your intersessor...

Jesus says "Come Follow"...
 "Inherit Eternal Life"...

And I'm stirred with no greater Purpose,
 Than to serve Him
 who made me.

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