Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christ Proposing to You

This is Purpose Proposing...Drink the wine, eat the bread...
Christ is Purpose...He proposes out of Love, and you accept through  believing in His "Act of Proposal" - namely "the sacrifice on the cross"...after this, through living a life of By living in the Love of Christ...By Recognizing the Love of God, Sharing the Love of God, and Living for Christ in return...How do we live purposefully? Through Love...Have you accepted the proposal of God? Have you married the Bridge Groom through His blood, and yet still find yourself searching for other lovers? Your Original Salvation scene may just be your initial "marriage" to Christ, but after that you have to "live out" your love...our flesh may  not desire so much to serve the Christ; but how is there "love" without "servitude" or "sacrifice"? It is a continual journey being "married to the lamb of God" aka "being a Christian", just like marriage between a man and a woman. You can get "married", but everyday from then forth you have the choice to either choose love or selfishness...Every day is a new day of choice... every day...and since marriage is supposed to be "forever", God will always do His part in loving you..the question is whether you will do your part or not...But truly, if our hearts are "Christ's" then we will love with all our beings! but if our hearts are only "half" or "a part" Christ's, then how can we expect to be acting selflessly with our lives toward Him? For if a our hearts, minds, strength, -is  not really "Christ's" ...then how will our hearts remain pure? how will our minds think on Him only? and how will our muscle, actions, hobbies, goals, produce anything truly "for" or "glorifying" to God?
We are all told to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, strength, - but only through "truly' being in "love" with Him, can we  even attempt to "go harder" for Him...

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