Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We live each day either consumed in what we have planned or consumed in our lack of plan.
 Surrender...Hum the road to Purpose. Surrender to God is the only way we can become all that He has planned for us. Only by surrender can we see the future in the right light, only though surrender can we let go of our fears, our own opinions, our hurts. But what about our dreams? What about all that we hold to with white fists, afraid to let go less we fall...Isn't it our dreams that we are entitled to? I mean, isn't it our "dreams" that we should sacrifice it all for? Well, here's the cinch...Without Surrender how do you know you are dreaming the right thing? It all comes down to love, whatever you truly love is what your treasure is, and that is what you are going to be willing to sacrifice for, and ultimately "serve". If you love yourself 1st than you will serve your self first, that's just how it works. You see all these broken up marriages wonder, people are taught now a days to Love themselves above all others, so therefore since they believe this, they live it...They love themselves first, so obviously they answer to themselves first; not to others, not to God. Dreams have to be surrendered too; or else they will only become nightmares to the soul. "Dreams" are in the greatest senses desires, hopes, aspirations, goals:
So what if your desires lead your life? Do you think you will find satisfaction in reaching for things that will only serve to savor your flesh and degrade your soul? And what about your goals? Is it your aim to make yourself great or is it your aim to serve others and God Himself? Are you aspiring to be a better person in order to make an impact on others  in the world? Or are you aspiring for only selfish reasons? I previously stated that there are a certain 3 things people desire, among others...Being "free" to feel, being felt "for", and finding Purpose...
Your thoughts may be telling you at this moment, "Well sure I need to put others "before myself" and Sure, I need to put my Beliefs and my "religion" before my own way...but, that doesn't mean I can't have my dreams...You may thing: "What is life worth anyway if I can't prove to the world that I'm worthy of being admired? I mean come on, every "go getter" knows that in order to be recognized as his tittle, he must prove himself worthy of it...No one ever got to the top of the hill without a climb."..Yeah, yeah true, one must climb...But what are we climbing for? Hey, it's alright to have some earthly likes, and desires... We are mankind after all.
But if your dreams motivating your life at this moment..are they worthy of it? You can only believe one way or the other: here is the Choice and here is the crisis...and remember you can always turn back to the starting line, yet once you are on your way how much harder is it on your will to turn back!?
: "Are you Motivated to Live for Your own Glory and Desires before your responsibility to Christ?"
Or: "Are you Motivated to Live a life Surrendered?"
Surrender is the only path to Freedom. Without it you will be a slave. Either a slave to your hurts, fears, worries, desires (emotions) : or a slave to your own goals, dreams, aspirations...

Are your dreams or desires conflicting with what you know to be right?

Surrender may require humbling, it may require Humility. Surrender may also require a person to recognize that they cannot find true satisfaction in  a life of "self serve"...Once our lives our surrendered to God, we will find Purpose overflowing, and to our amazement God will use the things we thought we had to give up in a way we couldn't have imagined... to bring out our true "earthly" purpose and "eternal"l purpose. We were not meant to be "Dreamless" but our dreams should not lead our lives if they are solely centered around " self glorification". No one ever got far wanting to build his own kingdom, only though love for others...Christ came two thousand years ago, and yet His Kingdom still grows : How has He built it? And how is it continuing to grow? On Love and Servitude my friends. Sacrifice of Self. You will be surprised to find that through Surrender you will not be disappointed, because after all to surrender means you have fallen in Love with something, or someone  who you must now consider greater than yourself...
Remember this life is not about self recognition, it is about sharing the gospel. Christians should be proclaiming Christ and the Gospel with their lives, our desire should be to share the message in order for our King to be recognized. It's all about "Him" being recognized...If we really love Him then that is what we will  desire to do, "Be mascots for Him, not "ourselves". It all comes back down to love. Where is your treasure? Who is your love? What you love is what your will bank upon...Who you love is who you are going to serve. Is it yourself? Is it others? Is it Christ?

Surrender is the Engagement Ring for Purpose