Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"The Burning Ones": God is Working

The Night before last, I went to a Youth Worship Group "The Burning Ones", with my Mum and brother, outside of town a ways...It was such an amazing experience. Totally God.
First after reaching the church "The Father's House of Prayer" we were met by a familiar face. The girl exclaimed "I've seen you before, at my work..I'm the one who commented on your hair". The girl introduced herself to me as Sarah. I remembered her. She and her sister were from the town where I lived. Soon the Pastor's Wife came up to my Mother and I and talked with us for a moment. My brother went off to the bathroom, so I was left to fend for myself. I stood in the hall with the Pastor's daughter, and Sarah's sister. They seemed really friendly and I was glad of it. A few guys also stood in the hall and chatted. Then after awhile more teenagers began to arrive. And joined in the guys conversation in the hall. I watched as some gave out hugs, and others laughed and chatted. I just stood there and smiled. Soon my brother was out from the restroom and made his enterance. I tried to introduce him to The Pastor's Daughter Lizzy and Sarah's Sister, Hannah. I was having a hard time remembering all the names I'd heard, and which ones belonged to who...but come to find out later most of the girls were just Sarahs and Hannahs. My brother said hello in his lowest of voices, and I also noticed his hair was now looking much better than earlier. the girls giggled at his voice, I was grining too. Ben, my bro, he didn't go introduce himself to the others. He stood there and leaned against the wall. I was surprised that he stayed off to himself, because he is usually the friendly hand shaker. He was silent and emotionless the whole rest of the time the group chatted and hung out in the hall. After a while we entered into the Sanctuary to worship. The neat thing, that I soon realized, was that the worship musicians were all youth, and the singers too. Actually I didn't see an "grown-up" insight, except for the Pastor's Wife who was behind the scenes projecting the lyrics for the songs. The young man at the guitar gave us some heads up on their worship atmosphere - telling us however we wanted to worship whether it be dancing, sitting, standing - was fine and welcome :) He also mentioned that the open mic up front was open for whoever felt they had heard a word from God, or wanted to share something...The first song began and ended. At the end the young man told us he had written the song we had just sung a little bit earlier that day. I was surprised...My brother and I sat second row to the front of the room where the music was being played - but all the other teens were to the right sitting side by side, to the right section of the room. But the Preacher's Son Zach he came and sat in the middle of the almost empty row of seats, next to my brother and I. When I wasn't singing I seen that a few of the youth had their bibles open and pencils and notebooks in hand, and a few were jotting down stuff that God was showing them. At this observation I was kindof wishing I had brought my notebook, pen, and bible as well...I'm always writing, and talking be without my notebook wouldn't be an easy thing... In the midst of one of the worship songs I heard and seen Zach turn to my brother and begin telling him what sounded like a vision he'd had. I kept my eyes fixed up ahead, but after a moment I heard what they were saying and realized the Vision Zach was telling Ben about was actually of, and about 'him'. At realizing this, I smiled ear to ear. Just being present where God was working, and talking to my brother made me happy inside. Next the guy asked to pray with Ben..and the two prayed together. Ah, I was getting excited now. A few came up front and used the empty mic...both had scriptures and words to share.
After what may have been an hour and a half of worship...Zach told us all to gather up front, and so we did. I was glad of this, because I thought we would be going home after worship, and yet I longed for study and to get to know those who were in the room better.
Zack read to us from his notes and talked to us about finding Fulfillment, Acceptance God.
I listened earnestly...tried not to stare, although I'm used to looking people in the eyes when they are talking, even if they don't look back, but I noticed everyone else wasn't focusing their attention on Zach so I just listened and stared off...except for times when their was something humorous said, and I turned and had to laugh.
Zach had said that he was planning on speaking about something else, but God was telling him "No. That He had something else for Him to talk about tonight". So he began covering some scriptures and chatting to us a bit about finding what we desire in God Himself. He concluded by saying that he thought it would be a good idea for us to listen to some music, go off by ourselves and ask God what parts of our hearts, if any, that we felt we hadn't surrendered to Him, or let him fulfill or heal. So we all went of into seperated corners, areas, of the small room and prayed silently and listened to hear God.
One girl was crying in her corner, I heard her...God must have really been speaking or working on her. And we prayed for awhile.
After that we all came back up front. And Zach asked us if we all had anything to share that God had spoken or reveiled to us. He told us about
a vision he'd had, while he was laying there face to the floor close to where I had been sitting. He said he'd invisioned the Lord coming to him, and he handed him his heart and then clung to the Lord's. I'm just paraphrasing, but that was mainly what he'd discribed.
After that...was prayer requests. A few of us prayed for people who weren't present at the group, who were in need of either better health, comfort, or others needs that only God could truly fill.
After that we were getting ready to close our meeting when Miss Kathy suggested that they should say a blessing over my brother and I.
They asked if it was o.k. with us. I quickly replyed that "Yes, it was".
So since ben and I were sitting side by side, they all crowded around us and some laid their hands on our backs. And began to pray quietly. Then I heard Zach and he spoke to Ben first telling him he just sensed that Ben was had encouraging words for people that he met and re-mentioned Ben's desire to minister to youth and his big heart...Zach hadn't known us, nothing beyond our first names...but the stuff he was saying about Ben was so true, and he wouldn't have known it either.
I listened again, smiling. But then he said my name. And said he just invisioned like a halo over my head..which made me smile when he said that. Who wouldn't get tickled if they were told by someone 'they hadn't even had a conversation with', that they saw a halo over your head? well he went on to say that I was a Child of Light...and that I inspire people...This was all "very" encouraging. He spoke on...
And I was so glad that we got to have that experience. Next one of the girls that was there had been sick, so someone annointed her head with oil and we all crowded around her and prayed for her.
Then we closed our meeting. I for one didn't want to leave. I had been there about three hours and still I could have just stayed longer...
Kathy who had put one hand on my back while we were praying said she was seeing "volumes of books" while she was praying. She asked me if I wrote - I laughed. "Volumes"! Yes I am always many coincidents there too...Although I bet none of them were really "conicidents"...more like Providence. More like God. :)
I left there the building excited. I've been inspired ever since. A lot of times when something good or happy happens you only think about for a little while, because other things happen to steal the joy you felt, or the original happiness...but I whenever I think of this experience of being there at this youth group I smile inside.
It's a fresh and lovely thought. Next week I look forward to going and Ben and I playing and singing with the youth worship band. I sing, and play keyboard...Ben plays guitar. Who knows what the future brings...Hopefully, Godwilling we will be able to contibute in this way.
The whole experience and youth meeting reminded me of the "original believers" back in the time after the Resurection of Christ...Together, unified, worhsiping, studying, praying, and a desire for Christ. I'd never witnessed youth with such a desire for God before. I'd longed for it...but I'd never been present in such a case. I know God has answered my prayer...afterall, I've prayed for something like this. I just never knew it would be here in these Moutains. I'm inspired, encouraged by it, and Thankful for it's existance.
Come to find out my Brother was really quiet and to himself because he felt like he should..which makes Zach's prohetic words and vision even more special, because He hadn't observed my brother even in his usual friendliness...therefore he knew even less about him.

I pray God would Continue to Bless the "Buring Ones"...May their Burning Deisre for Him lead them through their lives. I look forward to joining them too, and in result - desiring and drawing even closer to my Lord.

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