Wednesday, February 23, 2011

God Wants to Love You: Beauty Part #2

Identity. It's more than a word...You are searching for Identity. Everyone is. Some people don't "fully recognize" their desire for Identity, but it is there. I've used the word "purpose" to try and make up for the word "Identity" in some ways...But Identity...that's what we are going to look at right now. Who do you "Identify" with? Do you "identify" more with Christ? Or with the World?
A Person will invest his or hers "love" in whoever, or whatever they choose to "Identify" with. Sometimes we base our Identity in what we can "relate" to most...whether that be another person, a situation, a way of feeling, a way of believing. But truly, we will Identify with whatever we "love"...and we tend to also, "love" whatever we Identify with. Strange isn't it?

Last night while I was at youth group one of the young men felt he had a word from God. He got up and spoke in the mic se we could all hear him. And began to read the scripture that I'd posted on my last blog. "A meek and quiet spirit, is of great worth, in the sight of the Lord"...A Gentle and peaceful spirit...Then he went on to talk about Identity.
After he was done speaking one of the girls shared something God had been showing her to the whole group.
And there it was again..."Finding One's Identity in Christ". She went on to say that a lot of the time what we see as "Our flaws", are not really flaws, but things God has a perfect plan for; that there is so much of God in us, that we don't even realize...but even so, we put our Identity in other things. Such as fashion? Such as other people? "We have to break down fear; "fear of men". "We settle for less, when we were created for more".
True, very true.
So does all this conformation to the fads of the world...and all this peer pressure you hear people talking about, really come down to, "fear of men"? Fear of what they will think of you? Fear of what the world will think of you? Fear of how you look when you walk into a room full of people your age, and you aren't dressed in their latest style? or in their more popular way?
Is it fear? Fear of Rejection? Fear of disapproval? Fear of Isolation? Fear of being...UnLoved?
Why is it most of us do not bask in God's Love. In His Peace, His kindness, His approval, His presence?
Is it because of fear? Skepticism? Doubt? These all tie together. Fear or man, but more importantly: Fear of Love, leads us farther from what we truly desire. There is no Peace, Acceptance, Unity, Worth, Satisfaction...if we have walls up against Love. Remember I said beauty begins inside? Well it does...Beauty is Stirred by Love...and what that Love does inside a person, creates beauty.
The Light meets the Dark...The Perfect Beauty, blemishless, Spotless Perfection, of the Light (Christ) meets your Imperfection, ugliness, deformities, sinful nature, your Darkness, and Transforms You. The healing begins where the Light meets the Dark. Sparks will fly as grace collides with the dark inside of us. In smaller terms, it's kind of like getting a face peel, where all the old you is peeled away, and the fresh, new, spotless skin underneath, the new you, in reveled. The old in no longer remembered, only the new.
Just like true beauty roots from the inside and blooms to the outside, so does true ugliness root from the inside and bloom to the outside. Sin is the root of all ugliness, all shame, all true spots and blemishes. Darkness is not beautiful. The Light is beautiful.
Satan likes to twist our view on beauty. He wants what is sinful, disgraceful, truly ugly, to be presented as Beauty. Lust is not Love, being Lusty in not being Beautiful. Purity is truly beautiful. Purity of intentions, purity of motive, purity of speech, purity of is it possible to be Pure in these ways? Only by Identifying with "Him "who is Pure. Only by finding your Purpose and Life in Christ, only by letting Him enter into you, change you, and begin a relationship of Love with Him. God said the Pure in Heart shall see God. What is greater? Is not "God" the Ultimate perfection of Beauty inside and out? Don't let the World fool you, lust, darkness, seductiveness, is not beautiful...Purity is. And according to God, purity is beauty. Only the pure will be able to stand in His presence. You may ask "How can I be pure? I've made so many earthly mistakes, I've let me flesh lead my at times, I've been so "worthless"...Remember, that although what you do a great weight on your future, and how you've love others. It is what Christ has done, and will do for you that makes you truly Pure and Beautiful. That no man may fully boast in himself. "Nor", may he bath in his pity... God was the offering for You Sanctification and Salvation. "He" was the spotless, blameless, sacrifice.
Only by being Washed by "His" blood can we become clean. Pure as the purest garment. White as snow, where we were once dark. His blood, has been shead to 'purify' you.
So are you going to be willing to dream again? Willing to reach for His Love, and Find it. Let out the Beauty, and the Love, which Christ has now put in You by His Spirit, and by His Sacrifice for You...Shine "His" Light,
and the Beauty that originates in Him,. Let if flow from you. He will be pleased if you do. Let your Light shine before others...Let yourself bloom under God's tender care; in His Light, and the Watering of His Word and Spirit. God is the Gardener, and His Beauty radiates in You, dwell in Him, so that you may bloom to your fullest.

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