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God Wants to Love You: Beauty Part #3

Why is it when we've been hurt by someone we form walls?
It's like sometimes, if things aren't resolved, aren't worked out,
if forgiveness doesn't take place...Those areas of hurt, become areas
of anger. Where there was once an open wound, there grows a nasty scab.
The beauty in that area was stifled. It was cut open, bled, and seemed to die. What about those areas of beauty that you feel can never be restored?
those areas that you thought have long healed over, but instead of healing and being restored to the same way they were before you got hurt, they are no longer an open wound, constantly paining, but there are still scars. Those scars are reminders of what has been. And those hurts. You know Christ had those scars on his hands and feet. Those scars were from Love. Sometimes to Love, we get hurt. And without truly believing in, accepting, and "living" in the Love of God....we look for affection in other places, other people. And to just search for "affection" isn't going to fill a person, and most times it just leads to hurt.

This morning I was listening to an audio presentation titled "A Heart of Gold" by Victor Hamilton. Here are somethings I'd taken into consideration and noted from the first disc...that

The way of the World brings pain. And any search for affection to fill us, without first being filled and secure in, and with - the Love that God has for us...only leads to more pain and disappointment.

The way of the World brings pain: The pain of not being, or feeling loved and respected...the way you want to be. The way you were meant to be.

Our "unexplained" or "unexamined" beliefs about love, and life... can lead us into deception.
Only the Holy Spirit can show a person that He is in deception.
And that person must desire deliverance from their deception.
A lot of times, usually, we go through unbearable pain - in order to become humble enough to honestly examine ourselves, and examine our view.

Remember you don't "create" that heart of gold...You "uncover" it.
God's Light meets your dark. He washes away the old, and brings out the new. We usually burn in the fire of our self pity and in-victim-ment, until we either give up or realize that our pain is God's way of trying to tell us something. It's our pride that prolongs the agony. Prov 4:3 ...beaten by our pride...

...I've been studying temperaments. There are 4 Major Temperament types, the Melancholy; who usually wants things to be perfect, is usually more introverted, and enjoys details, then there is the Choleric who likes things to be constantly moving and is a big go-getter, then there is the Sanguine who loves to just have fun, is an extroverted type, and usually hyper, and last but not least there is the Phlegmatic personality type, who is more laid back, easy going sort...(by the way this is all Scientific, I'm not just making up terms XD)

What is interesting is all of these temperaments have strengths and weaknesses. And when I say "Strengths" I mean "Good Qualities" and when I say "Weaknesses" I mean the "Extremes..which cause,negative qualities". For Example:

*Liking things to be in order can be a good thing, but if taken to the extreme it produces a demand for perfection that often can hinder a person from any sort of happiness...because not everything is how we want it to be. And this weakness can cause a person to get too caught up in their faults, and not be happy if he or she does not live up to every expectation etc.

*Being a "go-getter" can be a good thing, especially if it is for Christ, and being a "motivator" is a good thing, because you can stir others to follow in your goal. But, taken to the extreme a person can become to bossy and become frustrated if people do not get up and get moving, or they are in a place where they cannot be constantly "doing" something.

*And being a "Fun" type of person, that always 'brings the cake' with them, is pretty much a positive person, can be great...but if they are living in the extreme, and that person does not take the time to be serious when it is necessary they can appear shallow or miss out on deeper things in life. And their constant need for "fun", if they feel it is not being "externally met", then they feel they are not living at all.

*Being laid back can be great, but if that person becomes lazy, then what will they accomplish? and if they never speak up they can slip into the background and never make a noticeable mark of their faith. They can also become indecisive and for the sake of not knowing what choice to make, just resort to making no choices at all...and just sit down and miss out on the good things they could be doing.

All these temperaments are beautiful when lived in their "strengths", but when they are lived in their "weaknesses" they can fall short of their true beauty and not only be a hindrance to others, but can also cause their own needs not to be met.
I encourage you to look up more info the Temperaments, it can really open your eyes, and change your outlook on life!

And you begin to see that a beautiful Temperament is that which is living in it's Strengths....One that is living for Christ, one that is living In Christ, one that is following the example of it's Creator.

People that are not living for Christ, and Christ is not living in them...Will live in their weaknesses, and they will also hurt you.
And if you are not stable, and firmly planted, on the rock...on Christ and His love for you. Then you also will be hurt by other peoples weaknesses. We fall for less then we were created for, because we have not grasped hold of God's Love. Or we have let, wounds from those who hurt us with their weaknesses, linger and spread into other areas of our lives. Hurt can spread, hurt can grow. Just like Healing can spread, and healing can grow.
The way of the World brings pain...the pain of not being loved and respected.
Fashion may always try to fit in to the newest trends, because you want that respect and admiration. You want that attention. But you will always be struggling, because trends are always changing. And in the end it can never bring you comfort...even when you are "in style" your mind will race with worries, "do I look good enough in this, is my body fit enough for this? Every day then can be a struggle, every day...Some people fear being "un-attractive" according to the "World's" swaying much, that they hurt them selves physically.

Trying to find acceptance and physical attractiveness in the eyes of men, only leads to being hurt. If that is your main goal.
It all comes down yo what you really believe Love is. because whatever you believe it is...that is what you are going to desire.

We define Love for ourselves, and then twist everything else to go in its direction. That is what the World has done.

God has shown us what Love really is. He has offered it to you. His Love if lasting, and it makes everything that dwells in it's light, beautiful.

The world even believes that Beauty and Love go hand in hand. They believe that if you are attractive on the outside enough, then some one will fall "in love with you". It's twisted.
It's actually the other way around. Love is Inside a person, and it's not just stirred by the outward appeal. Love should be something always present. But Love gives out from the source that is already present. Love and being physically attracted to someones outward looks are not the same thing. They aren't. Someone can have both...but "real love" comes from the inside and real love doesn't base it's affections on the outward appeal. So is it really "Love" that you desire?
Or is it that you want to be "attractive" in the World's eyes?
Love is what you really desire. It's what we all need. But most of us never can find, because we "Identify" with that which will not bring us that Love.
All lot of time we go through terribly hurtful experiences because our focus was on the wrong thing. And we keep hurting ourselves because we keep looking for our fulfillment in the wrong areas. We try to find our Identity in the World, or in other "things" and "people".
Because a lot of times our View or "unexamined beliefs" on what Love is...and about what "we" should have in life to be happy...are keeping us blinded.
Once our eyes are opened we see a new world. We see where we have gone wrong, and we see what we really want out of Life, and what we really needed to be doing all along; Trusting God,Waiting on Him, Focusing on His Love...
What about those areas of hurt though? Those remembrances, those burn scars...Well, I pray that God will grant us more of the ability to "forgive", to forgive our mistakes, and to forgive others...This is the final healing touch perhaps, that smooths away the scabs. Anger does not leave room for healing to do it's full work. And the place we have been hurt will always be ugly in some way, if we do not completely surrender it to God, and Forgive. Sometimes though we must let time heal the area under the scab until, it is ready to fall off. Sometimes we pick at our scabs, because we don't like the remembrance of where we have been hurt, we want it gone. But God's healing process is not always the way we think. And one day the mark may completely disappear. But until then, don't pick at it, let it be. Focus on the healing, not on rushing up the process. You can be sure that God wants to heal you. And He is working.
Let Him work. Let Him mold you also, like a clay pouring vessel. A Vessel or Glory. One that can be filled with the Spirit and Water of God, and can carry it within, and also pour it out to water others.
Let His Beauty Flow. Even as He heals You. Let the "green facial mask" remain for a little while, before He washes it off and you see all that 'His timing' has done underneath.

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the meek; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn; To appoint to them that mourn in Zion, to give to them "beauty" for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called tress of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified. - Isaiah 61: 1 -3

FULFILLED IN Luke 4:19-21 Jesus states this previous scripture. Jesus fulfills the above

2 Cor 3:17 - There is Liberty

Matthew 5:4 - Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.

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